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Arco - Culture

At the centre of Arco lie the public gardens which house the monument to Giovanni Segantini, the church of the Assumption, the Mosè fountain, the Town Hall and Palazzo Giuliani, all offering many cultural elements. Nearby stand Palazzo Marcabruni, which houses the frescoes of Dionisio Bonmartini (1537) and the ex Municipal Casino, which currently hosts various cultural events, upon reaching Largo Pina, you will find the villa built in 1863 that was the residence of Archduke Albert of Austria. To the north of the villa you will find the Archduke’s Park, now the botanical gardens, and the ruins of the Castle. Sixteenth century Palazzo Marchetti is also worth a visit. Heading towards the bridge over the Sarca we can find Palazzo dei Panni which houses the civil library and several exhibitions. The sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, built in 1492 by the Franciscans and the destination for many pilgrims, stands in Ceole.

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